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- Capturing the impossible.

Far North was born out of the passion of its founders – highly skilled extreme adventure athletes with a passion for only the highest quality videography to capture expeditions across all edges of the Earth. 

Unlike other production houses, Far North comprises of a creative team of videographers and photographers that have the expedition experience to take cameras and equipment into the hardest places across the earth, in order to produce highly emotive and visually astounding raw provocative media. 

A team dedicated to capturing extreme environments and extreme endeavours for clients and brands that want to place their products in never before seen locations for the ultimate in unique media content. 


No location is unattainable or unreachable, as the creative team utilize their skills as exploration specialists and adventure athletes. Using the latest camera technology, with technical knowledge and precision gained through 15 years of film experience and over 20 years of expedition experience, the Far North team has the creative and athletic edge to put a camera anywhere in the world. If a client asks for an 8K camera at the summit of Everest, they can be guaranteed that Far North will be able to produce with confidence… the only team for the job. 

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An adventurer, Arcteryx & Vacheron Constantin ambassador and global entrepreneur, Malcolm Wood has founded many different businesses including the multi-award-winning Maximal Concepts. Acclaimed for its flagship brand, Mott 32 is considered by many as the best global luxury Chinese restaurant brand. Malcolm provides high-level mentorships to a select few per year using his unique approach to mindset.

A driver for change in the food and hospitality sector, Malcolm has co-founded Maximal Concepts, Kin Food Halls, Plastic Conscious, and other well-known businesses. He has personally opened over 40 different concepts in his 20-year career. The flagship, Mott 32, is one of the most awarded Chinese restaurant brands in the world, with locations including Hong Kong, Vegas, Vancouver, Toronto, Dubai, Singapore, Seoul, Cebu and Bangkok.

Recognised extensively for his work in sustainability & business through various awards including “Asia’s Most Influential” by Tatler, “Top 40 Hong Kong under 40’s” by Prestige, “Top Financier” by Money Asia, “Hong Kong Living Influencer Award” from Hong Kong Living, and the “Green Warrior Award” from Green is the New Black. Recently he was appointment as an ambassador for the United Nations ‘Mountain Heroes’ team to draw attention to emerging environmental issues.

Malcolm has been involved in multiple international productions including, A Plastic Ocean, one of the most awarded environmental documentaries, and described by Sir David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time”. His latest film, IMAX Presents: The Last Glaciers, tackles humanity's greatest challenge. Supported by renowned scientific institutions, NASA, MIT, INAIGEM, ICIMOD, Arctic Basecamp, GLACIOCLIM, Oxford University, and Climate Outreach, The Last Glaciers is the most comprehensive film ever produced about the relationships between climate change and glaciers.  

He has actively been involved in various foundations, including Plastic Oceans Foundation, Hong Kong Shark Foundation, Karma Flights, and Skeena Wild. He founded Meru Projects, a foundation and green fund to support other NGOs and research around technologies to create a better and greener environment, with a focus on environmental education. 


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Matt is a renowned creative disruptor, restauranteur and environmental entrepreneur. A restless mind that always seeks to find and apply pressure to the relationship between creativity, strategy and brand. 

Matt is the co-founder of Steelhead Group; a collection of companies ranging from the leading restaurant group in Asia, Maximal Concepts, to Disruption Labs; a pioneering biotech wellness company.

Matt is passionate social entrepreneur sitting on two charities Board of Directors, Plastic Oceans Foundation & Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and currently an advisor to the Ellen McArthur Foundation. He believes re-purposing the power of business to be the principle driver of change. Harnessing creativity and popular culture, through inspiring and informative content, and amplifying through hyper inter-connectivity is a key philosophy. Being part of the team that produced ‘A Plastic Ocean’ has led Matt to develop more films and content programs.

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Adventure photographer and film-maker, Guy is best known for his ability to capture moments in impossible locations around the world, bringing the stories of extreme sports athletes and remote landscapes to life. 

His work has features heavily in the outdoor industry, being published by commercial brands and environmental organisations including the United Nations. His background comes from Australia’s Aviation Rescue and Firefighting service as the station’s youngest trainer and assessor, giving him the skills to work in arduous conditions and a unique insight into the demands and rigours of emergency work around the world.​

A passionate paragliding pilot, Guy has guided in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, and the Swiss Alps, and undertaken ‘vol-biv’ fly camping expeditions in 3 continents. His love of the mountains has given him a broad range of experience in accessing remote locations through paragliders, rope access, or on foot, which comes through in his work capturing the moments that place the audience in these inaccessible locations  

With a background in graphic design, Guy works to create holistic, targeted content true to the brand identity of the organisations we work with. This experience allows for the streamlining of content creation, often serving to bridge the gap between content creators, athletes and designers.


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