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Putting global brands to the test in

the most challenging


For the love of  it  Earth

We also shoot and direct in-house productions and documentaries.

All of our own films have an environmental focus derived from our love of nature, its beauty, and the desire to share this passion with our viewers.

Bold, memorable media

that not only evokes excitement

but draws in audiences

with content never seen before

What comes  next  now?

In our visually saturated world today, the expectations are higher, the goalposts have moved, and the 'wow factor' is much harder to achieve. Audiences are looking for the next big thing - something grander and more extreme than the last. This is where Far North comes in. 

Why Far North?

Far North was born out of the passion of its founders – highly skilled extreme adventure athletes with a passion for only the best quality videography to visually capture their expeditions across all edges of the Earth. 

Access all areas

Unlike other production houses, Far North comprises of a creative team of videographers and photographers that have the expedition experience to take cameras and equipment into the hardest places across the earth, in order to produce highly emotive and visually astounding raw provocative media. 



Cody is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based out of Mammoth Lakes, CA. He has spent the past decade dedicating his life to documenting adventure and humanity in it’s rawest forms. Trusted by brands such as Adidas, Mercedes Benz, Outside Magazine, BBC, and the United Nations. Cody produces highly emotional and thought-provoking photography and film to make a lasting impression on the viewer. 


With a deep-rooted love for the mountains and her people Cody’s main priority is to create emotional documentaries that will change the way people view the world and help create an atmosphere of kindness and compassion. His love of nature has lead him to co-found Far North Productions, with the aim of working with clients in extreme conditions and also on the company’s personal projects with an environmental focus. 


He is well versed in a range of extreme mountain sports and is an accomplished paraglider and mountaineer. Well skilled with rope rigging, Cody has been on some of the toughest expeditions where not only does he need to complete the objective with the team but capture unique moments as well. Cody’s high level of ability and comfort in mountain environments means that he is able to focus on producing media of the highest quality. 



Malcolm is an adventure athlete and well known entrepreneur, who is well accustomed to organising logistics for some of the most intrepid expeditions. Over the last ten years, Malcolm’s experience as an explorer and athlete has led him to create and invest in a number of businesses in the extreme sport industries. These companies have then gone on to sponsor other extreme athletes all over the world in some of the toughest sporting events in the world. 


A passionate environmental film maker and social entrepreneur, Malcolm has been involved in a number of successful film projects such as A Plastic Ocean, and most recently The Last Glaciers. A Plastic Ocean was one of the most awarded environmental documentaries of 2017, and was described by Sir David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time”. 


He has recently become the first paraglider, speedflyer and film maker to join UN Environment’s campaign ‘Mountain Heroes’. He will be joining a group of other famous athletes such as Canadian iceclimber Will Gadd, Austrian cyclist Michael Strasser, Kenyan skier Sabrina Simader and adventurer Ben Fogle, helping to draw attention to emerging environmental issues in mountains including climate change, waste and biodiversity loss.


He is also the Brand Ambassador for Vacheron Constantin and Mercedes Benz, with both brands selecting Malcolm as a leading Asian Entrepreneur and Adventurer. This experience puts him in a good position to understand the desires of brands, with personal knowledge of the requirements for content to be successful.



Guy is best known for his adventure photography with an environmental focus and is based in the French and Swiss Alps. His background comes from Australia’s Aviation Rescue and Firefighting service as the station’s youngest trainer and assessor, giving him the skills to work in arduous conditions and a unique insight into the demands and rigors of emergency services around the world.

A passionate paragliding pilot, Guy has instructed in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Australia’s Gold Coast Hinterland, and the Swiss Alps, and undertaken ‘vol-biv’ fly camping expeditions in 3 continents. His love of the mountains has given him a broad range of experience in accessing remote locations through paragliders, rope access, or on foot, which comes through in his work capturing inaccessible landscapes and adventure sports.

Guy is Far North’s Assistant Producer with a background in graphic designs, cinematography and editing, creating holistic, targeted content true to the brand identity or organizations that we work with. This experience allows for the streamlining of content creation, often serving to bridge the gap between content creators, athletes and designers.

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