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Putting global brands to the test against hostile environments. Creating big, bold, memorable media that not only evokes excitement and attachment but draws in audiences with content they have never seen before.

Far North also works on our own in house productions and documentaries. All of our own films have an environmental focus derived from our love of nature, its beauty and aiming to share this passion with our viewers.

Pushing physical and artistic boundaries to create inspiring, shareable and provocative media in the most difficult to reach locations.


In our visually saturated world today, the expectations are higher, the goalposts have moved, and the 'wow factor' is much harder to achieve. Audiences are looking for the next big thing - something grander and more extreme than the last. This is where Far North comes in. 

Far North deliver groundbreaking footage by taking top brands and equipment to the worlds most extreme locations. We following adventure athletes and storytellers that no other crew could pursue, portraying human stories in previously inaccessible and un-told landscapes.

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