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Bringing global brands to the forefront of adventure

Heading north is a representation of great adventure - into uncharted territory far from civilisation. After all, it is every explorer's dream to stand atop snow-laden mountain peaks and sail across vast seas. We’re constantly thinking about the next expedition, knowing there is more to the story of life; still yet to be fully written.

Our passion for adventure flows into the pursuit of sharing the world through a lens from the trails less traveled. As adventure athletes and filmmakers, we combine our love for the rugged outdoors with creativity behind the camera to deliver captivating, raw media in some of the most extreme places on earth.

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- your brand, your image

In our visually saturated world today, the expectations are higher, the goalposts have moved, and audiences are looking for the next big thing... Something grander and more extreme than the last. 

Far North deliver groundbreaking footage by taking your brand and equipment to the worlds most extreme and breathtaking locations. We following adventure athletes, storytellers, and individuals that no other crew could pursue, portraying human stories in previously inaccessible and un-told landscapes.



- Capturing the impossible.

Far North was born out of the passion of its founders – highly skilled extreme adventure athletes with a passion for only the highest quality videography to capture expeditions across all edges of the Earth. 

Unlike other production houses, Far North comprises of a creative team of videographers and photographers that have the expedition experience to take cameras and equipment into the hardest places across the earth, in order to produce highly emotive and visually astounding raw provocative media. 

A team dedicated to capturing extreme environments and extreme endeavours for clients and brands that want to place their products in never before seen locations for the ultimate in unique media content. 


No location is unattainable or unreachable, as the creative team utilize their skills as exploration specialists and adventure athletes. Using the latest camera technology, with technical knowledge and precision gained through 15 years of film experience and over 20 years of expedition experience, the Far North team has the creative and athletic edge to put a camera anywhere in the world. If a client asks for an 8K camera at the summit of Everest, they can be guaranteed that Far North will be able to produce with confidence… the only team for the job. 


- bringing your brand to the mountain

Getting your product on location is just the start. Our creative team have the experience to produce assets with real value by taking the time to understand your brand and its unique vision . The result is effective, targeted content bringing your products into the mountains. 

Working with some of the outdoor industries largest brands, we develop lasting partnerships producing ​stills content and video on expeditions around the world.

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